Wadiscape Generator


Martin Köchy
Verbal description of what the code does:
generation of a neutral (fractal) wadi landscape with specified slope angles, calculation of accumulated flow
Type (function, class, unit, form, ...):
classes to create the wadiscape and sample application
Flow chart (for complex code):
Expected input (type and range of values, units):
parameters for the fractal surface: Hurst factor, sigma, slope angle
Output (type and range of values, units):
a tab separated table with three columns: row, column, habitat code, elevation, flow accumulation
Requirements and environment (libraries, headers, QT, Borland Builder):
random number generator r250 (included), STL
Sources or reasons for parameter values, methods, equations:
Saupe, D. 1988. Algorithms for random fractals. Pages 71-136 in Peitgen, H., and D. Saupe, editors. Algorithms for random fractals. Springer-Verlag, New York, New York, U.S.A.
GIS algorithms
when there are patches with the same elevation, the program is caught in an infinite loop

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