Slide Presentation & Power Point Presentation Tips

[Ecological Society of America, 2001, 2002]

Slide Presentations are unique in that many pictures may be used to convey an idea. This said; make information larger and use more pictures (panels, frames, etc.). Highlighted bullets on successive frames are very effective tools to get the point across.

Slide Presentations utilize a horizontal format - wider than they are tall. If a "vertical" slide is used in a presentation, the entire presentation will need to be "zoomed" down in order to fit on to the projection screen. Usually, a projectionist is not available to manually zoom the image size. Avoid vertical format slides whenever possible.

Slide trays considered the "industry standard" [zumindest in Nordamerika] fit KODAK Ektagraphic slide projectors. [Dies sind die hierzulande ungebräuchlichen Rundmagazine.] ... [Keine dünnen oder Pappdias verwenden, weil sie leicht verkanten.] Slide trays come with a locking ring or lid that hold the slides in place. Anyone who has flipped a loaded slide tray over without the locking ring or lid has discovered the consequences. Please use the locking ring or lid.

Avoid busy and low contrast backgrounds. Use a font large enough to be seen from the back of the room. Use a color for the wording that has a very high contrast to the background. A gradated background that transitions from dark to light can make words difficult to read as the contrast changes. Keep the background simple and get the message across.

Bar graphs, pie charts and line graphs are effective tools to show trends and statistics. Use contrasting, bright colors to delineate between categories. Simplify the graphs or show more of them. Use a font large enough for audiences to see the categories. Handouts of the presentation are easily printed from PowerPoint and can include minute details or explanations.


Computer presentations using PowerPoint can also utilize the same backgrounds, however, just a simple white with dark lettering or dark with light lettering is very effective.

Presentation Rules of Thumb:

Hold the slide at arms length, if you can read it, the slide will be legible from everywhere in the meeting room. Standing 9 feet [2.7 m] away from a 15" monitor has the same effect as holding a slide at arms length.

Fallen bei Computerpräsentationen:

Schwierigkeiten, wenn unter Windows XP erstellte PPP unter Windows 2000 gezeigt werden oder unterschiedliche PPVersionen benutzt werden.