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Martin Köchy
Verbal description of what the code does:
generation of stochastic time series of daily precipitation for the interior of Israel
Type (function, class, unit, form, ...):
application with 2 classes
Flow chart (for complex code):
Expected input (type and range of values, units):
number of years, either mean annual precipitation [90, 900] mm or 6 parameters describing seasonal probability of rainy days and rain amount on rainy days, optionally: optionally a factor [-0.3, 0.3] changing the probability of rain while maintaining the mean annual amount
Output (type and range of values, units):
a tab separated table with three columns: year, day of year (day 1 = August 1), rain amount (mm)
Requirements and environment (libraries, headers, QT, Borland Builder):
random number generator r250 (included), STL
Sensitivity analysis (or reference to publication):
Köchy 2006
Validation (or reference to publication):
Köchy 2006
Sources or reasons for parameter values, methods, equations:
Köchy 2006
none known
Publications or applications referring to the code:
Köchy, M. 2006. Opposite trends in life stages of annual plants caused by daily rainfall variability interaction with climate change. Pages 347-357 in nal, Y., C. Kahya, and D. Demirhan Barı, editors. Proceedings of the International Conference on Climate Change and the Middle East: Past, Present and Future: Turkish State Meteorological Service (DMI), Ankara, Turkey.
Köchy, M. 2006. Stochastic time series of daily precipitation for the interior of Israel. Israel Journal of Earth Science 55: 103-109.
Köchy, M. (manuscript). Change of productivity of annuals with daily rain distribution switches trend along a gradient of aridity.

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